We’ve long been trained by big companies and glossy advertising that toothpaste is the only way to clean our teeth. Not true!

Toothpaste as we know it was actually only mass produced from 1873, when it used to come in a jar! Before that we used all sorts of powders and natural products.

So Dental Pro 7 is a very different way to clean your teeth. And it’s been designed to replace your daily toothpaste, mouthwash and breath fresheners too.

And it’s not a paste.

Instead it comes supplied in a highly concentrated form of mildly minty tasting liquid. Yes, a liquid, weird I know. But it’s really easy to use and just like the traditional toothpastes it only takes a couple of minutes.

What’s In It?

When we asked the people who make it, they said the base is basically a type of gum extract. But it also includes such all-natural ingredients as spearmint, peppermint, grapeseed, thyme and clove. Plus there’s also some manuka (the tea tree), immortelle (the everlasting plant) and a few others. All of which have been chosen to target teeth and gum health - no unnecessary additives or fillers here.

The manufacturers say that in terms of antibacterial properties it is 7 times more effective than any other antibacterial gel on the market today.

So What Does It Do?

It’s been designed for general teeth and gum health. But also specifically to help people who suffer from any of these problems too:-

  • bleeding gums
  • bad smelling breath
  • signs of pus between gums
  • sore and swollen gums
  • generally unhealthy teeth

The original inspiration for the product was from researchers in Europe and Asia who discovered that there are many natural substances that can wipe out unhealthy oral bacteria — in less time than it takes to clean your teeth.

As many as 32 Million people in the USA suffer gum disease that requires costly dental care. The aim of Dental Pro 7 is to prevent us all needing this treatment in the first place. (And we know prevention is always better, right?)

How Do You Use It?

Dental Pro 7 is simply used when you brush your teeth, twice a day.

The idea is to REPLACE toothpaste. And those evil mouthwashes too - more on those another time, just suffice to say alcohol based mouthwashes strip away your mouths saliva which experts say is vital for good oral health!

The product is designed so as NOT to dissolve in water. Meaning it can get into your gums to work it’s magic without the need to rinse, and stays there longer than soluble products.

What About The Results?

It depends a lot on your personal health, and the state of your gums right now.

But some people have seen a difference pretty much right away, others within a few days. Of course years of dental neglect are not going to disappear that quickly. But a swift reduction in gum swelling and bad breath is certainly possible.

In the longer term, others have gone as far as replacing their hygienist completely (why pay them to do what you’ve already done!).

You should still visit a dentist regularly though, as they can and do check for a lot more than gum problems.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you want simple best value for your money, you will want the larger 64ml bottle. If you use it as instructed, that’s six months supply, and comes out to about $17 a month. (Compare that to the cost of toothpaste, mouthwash and breath mints..!)

But if you’re not 100% sure, and just want to try things out you can also get a small 10ml bottle. It’s $60 for TWO though, which is pretty much 2 months supply, so if you can take a leap of faith and stretch to it, you’ll save heaps by going for the big bottle.

Where Can I Buy Dental Pro 7?

You can only get this from 1 place - directly from the people who make it. If you see this in a store, then there is a danger that it’s just a copy that doesn’t include all the active ingredients that make this 7 times more antibacterial than other products out there!

You can find the manufacturers own website here:-